Saturday, February 6, 2010

casselberry hanging

after the dudes headed back up north and vic and i stayed in casselberry for a few days..there was alot of hanging around rained a bunch and we just hung out at the house and did some digging and internetting.
. mark potoczny and ryan wert got into town and we all went out.. it started pouring and mark and ryan and i stayed at a bar that had an outdoor dance floor and we started cutting the rug until the late of the perks of having a waterproof camera..
mike cottle deffinitly wasnt drinking that night

the next day we stayed at debbies and she brought us to the airport to fly to austin.i forgot my camera in my jacket in debbies car so i was without a camera the entire time i was in austin :(

fortunately the good people of florida mailed me my stuff to my friend wills house in memphis tennessee and i headed home with him and now i am living it up on the cow farm soaking up the nice people and beautiful women.. pictures i cant find my camera charger lol.. bummer

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