Monday, June 30, 2008

trails not rails

its so weird not having the hasnt really kicked in...nothing to do with my time until the new ones get going..road biking the shit out of myself..thats been a hoot of a time...i just wanna go swimming at the swimming hole we went to on sunday...that was so fun

Sunday, June 29, 2008

sunday funday

friday night we went up and grabbed everything from the trails...yesterday was my dads b-day party..that was awesome...then we went to the fireworks in putnam...this morning we went up to north road to check out the new den...we found a spot that might be pretty sweet...its a real cool gonna go up there tomorrow and start digging to check out how it is...start out we went to a siiiiick rope swing..i had so much fun swimming..that place was awesome i cant wait to go back...then we went to buttonwood farms icecream stand...reeeeeeeal good....chuck took a video of me flipping off the rope swing but he held the camera sideways so its gonna be hard to see but oh well...he got a good one but deleted it :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008


tito matt mitch and myself went out to the trails last night and grabbed all of the stuff..we had so much stuff out there...a water pump,a generator,300 ft of hose, like 15 shovels,a 55gallon drum,2 coolers,a tarp..and maybe some other sucks man but what can you was either grab that stuff and hide out for a while or go out there and get in some serious trouble with the land owner..oh well...hopefully im gonna go check out this new spot tomorrow..that wil be sweet.its a pretty serious hill..heres some random pics from the trails

Friday, June 27, 2008


i just saw this video...almost 400 feet on a dirtbike....come onnnnnnnnn

uh oh

what do you do when you find out your trails are on someones property and not town property...and the land owner found them and brought out the selectman and land use officer and a cop and im guessing wants to press charges on me for building jumps???? you go out there and gab all your shit and start building somewhere new...i think the wolf den is officially gonna know by this weekend whats up but if i have a big problem im gonna be riding my roadbike across the country in the next few in trails this weekend..and probly not until i build some new not psyched so i might not be posting anything for a few dads b day party in tomorros and thats gonna be awesome...he said hes expecting like 100 people...gnarly...keep it gangster...peace to the geese

kick ball

this past tuesday we had the 4th game of the series and country springs dominated...the allstars are falling apart in front of our eyes and im loving it...there are some amazing picsRIGHT HERE!! you def gotta check em out...just for the pictures of the new mascott


coutry springs is the best


me and the mascott


this pic is just funny


team unity

Thursday, June 26, 2008


i have been so busy lately...its been hard to post a camera is shitting the bed and cant afford a new one so its hard to take new photos...ive been riding my road bike to work the last few days...this morning was in the rain but it was still fun...and then on the way home i passed a guy in a mini van going down a hill at was me and C.K. are going out to the trails to hopefully do a bunch of riding..its humid out...bikes are fun..ride a bike....oh yea and i got home from work and saige cleaned my psyched...heres some random pics from florida this year

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


me and adam went up to the cottage today and found a ramp on the other side of the was crazy...and then i saw this edit and it had the crazyest banger ending trick i have ever seen...i wiiiiish i was man enough to do that from Clint Reynolds on Vimeo.


man yesterday was crazy..i painted my bike and it looks terrible...i worked at chucks and chris just hung around all day playing rockband and watching bike vids..then we played kickball at springs had a rough start this season losing the first 3 games...and it seemed like the all stars were on fire this year and im not gonna lie i was a bit nervous...but the allstars we gew to love last year were back in full tilt yesterday...adam was the only die hard..he was early..theyre captain decided to not even show up..the fagnons didnt get there till the 9th inning..ty couldnt play so he cried like a female...they had some thrown together team that i basically got all the players for and we crushed them 8 to 3...the best part about it im at chucks and j rod d wolf called him and quit the team...because he is loving vic brought the official mascott..the thing was absolutely amazing..i cant wait to get the pics up on the computer..hopefully me and a-town are going on a nice relaxing road bike ride up to the cottage...its the first road bike ride adam has been on in like a pumped...4th of july is gonna be off the hook this year at the cottage...heres some raNDOM pics to get by until i get the good ones from kick ball later on tonight

Monday, June 23, 2008

the bees knee

me and C.K. started putting a knee in the bee today...its gonna be faaaaast and tall..i cant wait..we were both tired and we are gonna play rockband all day tomorrow..i love pizza pizzazz...this is what chuck thinks about the knee and pizza pizzazz

its happening

im going out to the trails today and getting started on the new stuff in the bee line..i wanna get a good layout berm started and where im gonna put the next lip and all that...i have to clear out a bunch of leaves and brush to get ready for the new stuff so its gonna take some i cant wait to have more jumps in that line..rock band is back in my life for the next few days...thats a fun time....get out there and wolf it..

Sunday, June 22, 2008


me and the naysayer went to taunton today for was fun and we were blasting airs outta the that place was fun


yesterday there was a bunch of dudes at the trails riding...we got a bunch of rain the night before and i didnt think they would be rideable but chris and me went out early and dialed everything in and it turned out to be awesome...thanks chris...then we worked out the bee line wich was nice cause i havent hit those jumps in a few can go high on them...dan came down and looked real good...i didnt expect to see him..the mice are back living in the fireplace i was real excited because i missed them...mice mice mice...and then me and saige played rockband!!! i havent played that since working at chucks shop on tuesday and me and C.K. are gonna be rockbanding it up...come on down...maybe vic is gonna come to the trails tomorrow??? i hope...heres pics and a video of dan going throuigh the main line

Saturday, June 21, 2008

fingers crossed

the sun is shining and weather dot com says its gonna be gorgeous out all hoping we can get the jumps running and do some riding today before the rain rolls in tomorrow and destroys them sucks and lately the fun has been dwindeling...we need to step it working at chucks shop on tuesday sooo people should come visit going to be giving away free gift certificates to circuit bmx!! if you want a 1 million dollar gift certificate stop in and get one...(gift certificates only valid for 20 minutes after received)...i love pizza pizzaz...and i love bikes.(as long as its trails) and adam are gonna film a skate edit as soon as the barnstein hooks us up with his filming device...heres a pictures

Friday, June 20, 2008

come on rain

we got fuuuuuuuuuuuucked at the trails tonight...we went out there and diiiialed the main line in and it was and chris kaseck kicked some ass on the main line...adam was riding with some serious style...hes getting it back and tito were gonna sleep out there and then it started pouring out and turned into crap and im bummed...heres a random pic

vic chenzo

vic sent me over a few pics of him shredding his jumps...his trails are alot of fun and i need to get out there and ride them more...soon....heres 2 random shots of the victorian and a pic of me that vic took while we were in new yorkskidont click this....seriously

fun times

i broke my favorite shovel yesterday....for all the people that are serious trail builders im sure all of you have a certain shovel that you like using more than others...i always use a particular flat shovel and its one of the original shovels of the den...most of the others bought around the same time have all broke and been replaced but that one i thought would last forever....R.I.P. super will be missed.....on a lighter going to buy 2 more flats right now and hopefully they will be even better than Mr. Super Flats...we will have to see...and i think me and tito are going to sleep at the jumps tonight on the dirt ...i cant wait...trails are fun...even if your not riding them...theyre fun to just be tube is being a bum and wont let me upload the video of the tree falling on my bike..but heres a video of tits mcgee passing me in the new line at the trails.(its kinda dark)..all the kinks arent worked out in the line yet but they are getting better and better and should be done and running properly by the end of this psyched!!!!!thank you everyone that has been coming out to the jumps and rules!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

rain sucks the big one..

today was a nice far it hasnt rained but im sure its gonna pour all night and mess up everything we did at the trails today...i hope not....chuck was showing the small line some love tonight wich is a rarity but it was deperately needed...i started fixing all the rain damage but its gonna take a few real good days of work to get most of the stuff back up to i hope the rain holds off.. adam was digging his line tonight and its looking sweet...and heres a picture from this church thing in norwich that we went cool cooolio...dan was on his way out here with biggs and skiggs and his wheel fell off of his motorbike or something like that...that thing is a road hazard i dont know how it passes inspection...oh yea dan is the inspector...hes lucky...trails are fun soooo go ride your trails...and if you dont have some and stop being lazy

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


i went out to the trails and they are really wet...there is no puddles but there is alot of soft soft mud spots...they are gonna need some serious T.L.C. i guess im gonna get out there as soon as i can tomorrow and just start at the top and work my way down...just dialing in everything again...its definitly hrs worth the i hope it doesent rain anymore...i have water out there now sooo pleeeaaaase stop raining!!!..we have a sweet hawk that lives out at the trails and hes always flying around scaring everyone...tito was out there digging and was able to get a quick vid of him hanging out and he sent it over to me soo this is it...this bird is ferocious!!!i love nature!


yesterday computer turned into a pile of shit..the springs got poured out all monday night and i didnt get out to see the jumps yesterday...they probly washed into the river it rained so hard...and you tube was down so i couldnt update some of the cool vids i got off the army wives camera...soo now im home from work and it looks like its gonna pour gonna go sweep out the trannys at the den and hopefully the rain did some gonna post a couple awesome videos tonight when i get home soo be sure to check back later on...oh yea and i guess the word on the streets is there is a new daddy vision up on you gonna definitly be checking that out too because thats gotta be good....for now here is a few random shots i got off the titomeisters camera...check back tonight..