Wednesday, June 11, 2008


ive been super duper busy the last few weeks and the posts kinda slowed was a fun fun day at the trails...C.K. was out there when i got there digging dirt...wich i was so psyched on..hes a cool kid and he came out with the best saying ever for the trails "wolf it"...if your scared to fall.....fuck it just wolf it..then tito came out and we all started working on the main line...then out of no where a 800 pound branch breaks off a tree and lands straight on my was soooo nuts you never see that shit...tito filmed it and i snapped a few photos...then the chrarlston chew and x box came out and dug like babboons...thanks a bunch guys we appreciate it..fortunately for us we have a certain friend named "bear face" who came out with a chainsaw and cut up the tree that fell and i was able to get my bike and ride some jumps...thanks mark...and then adam came out and did 300 runs in a was intense...and then tito was wolfing it and passed me in the main was an amazing day at the den...and tomorrow is kevin robinsons funeral....i am so excited..:) :) :)

heres a video of tito hitting the new line for the first time...its gonna be fun when its done

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