Sunday, June 15, 2008

water water water

tito got sick of carrying water buckets sooo he went out and got a pump, 300 hundred feet of hose, and adams generator and hook the trails up with the crazyest water set up i have ever we have so much water were hooked up for the summer....AMAZING!!!....unfortunately it poured soo we wont be trying out the new set up for a few was awesome...the trails were soaked but there was a tight crew of doods out there digging away and the main line is getting awesome...adam started kicking ass on a new line hes been wanting to build....CK brought out potatos and burgers and we hooked up our bellys with good old fashion eating..goldy locks came out and totally pussied out on the second jump sooo now hes not aloud to say "wolf it" because he didnt "wolf it" today...but his bike is sick and let me ride it because i got a flatso bailing...thanks charlston sure theres a bunch more to say but i dont remember soooo thank you everyone for helping out at the jumps and everyone be ready for the vagtastic voyage...bring your balls..oh yea...titos new favorite tv show is "army wives"..

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