Thursday, June 19, 2008

rain sucks the big one..

today was a nice far it hasnt rained but im sure its gonna pour all night and mess up everything we did at the trails today...i hope not....chuck was showing the small line some love tonight wich is a rarity but it was deperately needed...i started fixing all the rain damage but its gonna take a few real good days of work to get most of the stuff back up to i hope the rain holds off.. adam was digging his line tonight and its looking sweet...and heres a picture from this church thing in norwich that we went cool cooolio...dan was on his way out here with biggs and skiggs and his wheel fell off of his motorbike or something like that...that thing is a road hazard i dont know how it passes inspection...oh yea dan is the inspector...hes lucky...trails are fun soooo go ride your trails...and if you dont have some and stop being lazy

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