Friday, June 6, 2008

kip is going down!!!!!

last year this shop in town called danielson adventure sports put on a mountain bike race through the was through the hallways of a school and down stairs and down all these closed down was soo much was i think 6 teams with 5 people on each team and one person from each team does a lap and then the next group and so forth and everyone goes 5 laps...chuck started our race and pulled out some crazy holeshot and was like a minute infront of everyone by the end of the first lap and we led for a while...i think atleast through our first run of all 5 guys...thats when the fatigue sank in....dan started puking after like 2 laps and mark couldnt even stand up after 2 laps...chuck made it 3 laps and couldnt go anymore and me and xavier did everyone elses laps in between and then all of us putted around the course on the 5th lap together...i remember there was some guy there bitching like a little baby because we were on bmx bikes or something like that...we met this guy kip there who turned out to be one of the nicest guys around and this really nice lady pauline and a some other people...Don from D.A.S is putting on that same race again for this year and im gonna tighten up our team a little bit and we are gonna dominate...KIP IS GOING DOWN!!!!.. heres a couple of pictures that chucks g/f took from that day and a crazy video of me and dan going down some stairs riding doubles with dan on the pegs...i really have no idea how we didnt die....i cant wait to do this again

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