Friday, April 29, 2011


credence vids are always the best, this shit is off the charts....yo

the bruins

the bruins are the best. i love hockey.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


2 amazing magazine covers in the same month. dolecki sent me an email a month or so ago that said"theres a few guys that are going to be stoked on the cover this month" i had an idea of what it was and sure enough this popped up. i am sooo stoked on the cover. maybe my favorite magazine cover ever. its got 2 of the best dudes in bmx on it. clint reynolds and ryan corrigan. i cant stop looking at it. congrats guys. no one deserves it more than you guys. so stoked.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


josh went and bought a canoe the other day and when we were picking it up i noticed a moped in the corner that looked like it had been sitting there forever  covered in an inch of dust. i asked the guy if he wanted to get ride of it so we gave him $100 and took it on the spot. we washed it up and the thing was immaculate! its a 1981 and has 109 miles on it. it was missing a part and will be hopefully running in a few days. i have always wanted a moped.

 the hog with a fresh carb clean, tank clean, and oil change. ready for wheelies. look at those ape hangers!!

chicks dig a nice pickup truck with a motorcycle in the back. i can see the bus in the background looking at the ped in jealousy.

josh and i at the bar celebrating our new purchase.

this wouldnt make sense to you but i couldnt get the whole sign in the picture...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

boston and canoeing

spent a day in boston on thursday. was going to go to a boys to men concert with my friend sarah but instead talked her into going to see an imax movie about tornados hahahah and then we ate a shit load of seafood and it ruled.

when i came home i went canoeing with my friend josh. since it has been raining like crazy the rivers are all ripping. i love being outside. nothing like floating down a river looking at animals in the middle of no where and watching your friend try to pee out of a wobbly canoe and almost fall head first into the water. maybe gonna take a canoe trip sometime soon somewhere and do some camping.NATURE!!

we were paddling in the middle of no where and josh said "is that a mail box??" and sure enough someone put a mail box up at a beavers house in the middle of a pond. i bet whoever did that is awesome


worship skateboards is a skateboard company in connecticut. the boards are based around artwork and every board has an amazing story about them. jeff has been helping me out with skateboard stuff for a while now and i love everything about everything he does with the company. for example

 the new artist board is by a guy named Don Eccleston. hes in his 80's and paints as soon as he wakes up when he is still half asleep and out of it. every artist has an amazing story behind it so check out the site and support something worth supporting.


 i waited until i was 26 years old to try smoking marijuana. i wanted to make sure that i was mentally stable enough to understand what i was doing, and although it wasnt a big deal, i just wanted to make sure it was done right. when i was in austin i was hanging out with a girl and we smoked some pot and then painted pictures of each other. fortunately for me she was half naked when i painted her so that was awesome. but, i am a terrible artist. heres the picture. maybe worship skateboards can start an eric hennessey artist series skateboard run of pictures i paint of women naked when im stoned? maybe not. either way the picture makes me laugh every time.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

goings on

first thing first..this dude rules. and this magazine with him on the cover is really awesome. congrats dude

nothing exciting going on over here so i havent been updating the site. no motivation to post pictures of nothing. wishing i was still in austin riding the jumps.

you wish you got this christmas card

leland couldnt have said it better "if your scared, go to church"

mmmmmm hamburger helper....WAIT A MINUTE!! 

word on the streets is the new DIG magazine cover is going to be sick...just sayin..


no internet anywhere...some day i can get some time to post some stuff..bought a moped last night. maybe going to a boyz 2 men concert tomorrow night.. life is good

Saturday, April 16, 2011

dirt cycles

one of the reasons i came home from austin was to pick up my dirtbike. got some friends back in austin that wanna do some riding so i took everything out of the bus to make some room for the dirt cycle. got it in and its gonna be a fun time in texas!

this is completely off topic. but i skate a bunch and groton skatepark is kinda a local skatepark.. its so fun on a bike but i find it super hard to skate. everything is weird and super gnarly. i heard about this video of this local skater named jay burton that is sooo good and groton is his stomping grounds.. well heres a video of him destroying that place. until you have been there and even tried to skate that place. you wouldnt understand how amazing this is. i love skateboarding 

hockey season

i have always been a hockey fan. since i was a little kid. a couple days ago my dad took me to a boston bruins playoff game. such an awesome welcome home gift. had a blast even though the bruins lost. our seats were ridiculous. right behind the bruins bench . thanks a bunch pops.

bean town

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

airin roso

when i was growing up riding bmx i used to go to a skatepark in Southbridge Massachusetts. there was this guy that rode there that could 360 the box,back flip, and do some other stuff but thats all i remember. he said he was a professional bike rider and he rode for hoffman but i heard stories that that wasnt true (i have no idea). he has a tattoo of a bmxer breaking through a brick wall on his entire back
  his name was aaron roso. i didnt see that guy for so many years after that. then i heard through the grapevine that he changed his name from "Aaron" to "Airin". i was seriously stunned! but then again i didnt hear about him for another bunch of years.
   i was at the dayville park last summer and Airin showed up. i didn't see him do anything on his bike except try a 180 disaster on the quarter and throw his bars in an attempt to maybe do  500 barspins?? unfortunately it did about 3 and a quarter and he came up on the deck and sat next to me. he then told me "if i had a rake i would rake out that bank and 360 out of the 10 ft slant wall into the bank." i dont know if you have seen the slant wall at dayville skatepark? but if you have you know how ridiculous that is. i offered to go get a rake but nothing came from it. after that i took a run and chuck made a joke saying"oh here goes erics "pro" run " or something like that. Airin heard him and was quick to say "What? that guy thinks hes pro? tell him theres real pros here now". he left and the illusive airin roso went back into what i thought was going to be another 3 year hibernation..until last night!

if you ride bmx you know who Aaron Ross is. with a similar name to the legendary  Airin Roso, they are nothing alike. i became pretty good friends with aaron when i was in austin and he sent me message on facebook last night. it just said "miss ya buddy" . maybe a little weird bromance going on but it was no big deal. i wrote him back and that was the end of it. until this comment appeared...


im back in connecticut for the week. shocked the bus made it back from austin without even a flicker of a problem.
   my friend josh had emailed me about coming to do some electrical work for him but he needed me in connecticut in a week. ROADTRIP!

unfortunately the weather here is nothing like what i left..theres not even leaves on the trees.. clint says i "jumped the gun!" . . i hate to say it but hes right.

but no worries. i came here to help out a friend so thats whats happening. doing a bunch of electrical work in his machine shop.

using my spare time to work on the bus. pulled everything out of the inside and started laying it out differently so i can bring my dirtbike with me when i leave town.

lets make some mods!

providence next week???

Sunday, April 10, 2011

the journey

i wasnt planning on leaving austin for a while, but a friend needed some help with some electrical work and i figured it was a good time to come visit my dad, so i took the bait and hit the road. sorry to anyone i didnt get a chance to say goodbye to. so many friends in town and it was just too overwhelming. i will see everyone in the future.

diesel is $4.30 a gallon up north.. time for the veggie conversion i think

that mag wheel mounted on the front of the bus was given to me by kelly baker for jumping over something at a contest at east shore skatepark...i dont remember what it was but now its spins with me anywhere i go in the bus and i always think of him.

the drive home from austin takes you right through bethlehem.. if only i could have just stayed there...

2000 miles of looking at this

new york city

a nice warm welcome home!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


the springs are the best .. i had some last minute stuff go down and i have to leave austin for a while so i spent part of my last day, at the springs with my friend lauren. good way to end my stay in austin for the time being. see you when i see you.

these ladies!