Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i can tell winter is on the way because....

the leaves are changing fast and falling faster..
i have to wear a hoodie riding my bike :)
the water is too cold to go swimming
im getting the bug to go somewhere warm...florida?? austin?? australia??hmm
it gets dark at 7 :(

up top i posted a picture of ryan herbach jumping our lake jump while him and eric ravioli were up here a week ago.. awesome form if you ask me!!


another reason i know winter is coming... because the skate sessions on the mini ramp in my barn are starting to happen!!!! heres a picture of our ramp... and a picture of me doing a pivot fakie on the extension with an apple basket in my hand

Sunday, September 27, 2009

face lift

things have been crazy lately.. between trying to work off the debt i have with my landlord and riding just trying to get a few bucks so i can head out and do some more travelin!!
when crandall asked me if i wanted to ride an fbm frame, he asked me that in return maybe i could film a little video part for the site or what not. i have never filmed stuff for a video part before and i have to say that it is acctually kinda fun.. i feel like its made me think outside of the box a little bit and set a few goals for myself. chuck and i have been going out on little filming missions because he also has been filming stuff for a ctbmx video.. hes stepped his game up too wich is awesome to see.. hopefully sometime in the near future i will have enough stuff to throw together and send to him.. should be pretty fun to watch if all goes as planned..
anyway.. i changed up the site and im into it.. heres a couple random pictures of stuff from wicked awesome bike fest

dan doing a 360 4 feet higher than everyone else, and me with a laidback one hander

flip fest 2009.. i successfully hadnt done a flip since last years wabf..tito with the wild man

360 toboggan!! i gotta bring it to a real double now

Thursday, September 24, 2009

timeless bmx

i was just on the timeless bmx website and saw this picture.. jodi is awesome.. i wish i saw that skyline in person

it looks like a painting

dialed 603!!

when you think of trails in new england the first set of trails that comes to mind is the 603 trails in new hampshire..johnny herrick is the biggest influence in new england as far as the trails scene goes.. prison trails, merrimack trails, and some others..

any one that has seen videos or pictures of dover trails knows that the place is more of a form of art work than just some bike jumps in the woods.. they put alot of hard work into making the place look as good as it runs and its always great to see videos and pictures of the new stuff they build.. heres a video from the spring time there.

DIALED 603 TRAILS SPRING 2009 from Johnny Herrick on Vimeo.

they just started a website with some bios of the diggers there and some crazy pictures of the stuff they build.. check it out if you wanna see some awesome stuff 603 TRAILS

i also posted the link up top so you can check out the progress those guys make up there ..anytime.. siiiiick

flatland to florida

has anybody in bmx not been checking out the flatland 2 florida website??

all around nice guys bryce and jeff are riding theyre bmx bikes from pittsburgh to orlando.. soo sick... check it out for sure

great weather times

the last few days have been unbelievable.. weather wise and fun wise.. ryan herbach and eric ravioli have been in town the last few days and we have been shredding up the fun.. jet skis and bikes and grilling and a bunch of other stuff..tomorrow its the last day of the fun sessions and then its time to crack down and do a bunch of stuff to pay my rent..

i just found this old pic on chucks computer.. his mustache was really disgusting...

Monday, September 21, 2009

lake jumping

summer is gone and the water is cold... but we managed to squeeze one more day of lake jumping into the was fun

and i took a picture of a cute dog

who saw vics sweet interview on espn?? check it out from FBM!

cranpa put some sweet pics of me from bakers acres too.. im siked

by the way my name is spelt eriC hennessey...not eriK

Wicked Awesome Awesome Fest

yesterday we went to wicked aewesome bike fest.. we changed the name of it to wicked awesome awesome fest.. because everything was awesome not just bike stuff.. the jump held up really well and chuck did some 360's over it so that was pretty awesome.

we did some bike limbo

and tried to learn hippie one landed them

after the bike riding got finished people got kinda loose and we ended up in a heated game of croquet...wich i won again for the 3rd year in a row.. chuck was a strong contender though

and then we climbed in a chicken coop.. chickens are ugly

overall wicked awesome awesome fest was wicked awesome.. i cant wait till next year

Saturday, September 19, 2009

wicked awesome bike fest

the past few years a local bike shop in town has been putting on an event called "wicked awesome bike fest" we have a dirt jump there and we always go to it and hang out .. play some volley ball and croquet.. that event is tomorrow and i am siked about it!! its a blast every year..
heres a video from last year, chuck throwing a volley ball at my head

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The verdict is in!!!!

he likes em young.....

tom sawyer

i just finished reading this book.. i figured its kind of a staple book to read when your younger and i hated reading when i was younger.. this book was pretty kick ass..
im gonna start the sequal now.. huck finn.. sweet

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

im digging myself a grave

so anyone who ever looks at this website got a chance to see the post chuck did of the pics is a sex offender in the town over from here and the other one is a picture of me from my junior prom..i dont see the resemblance but everyone says that we look so much alike that they think i acctually might be the sex offender..

anyway.. we have been doing a whole bunch of stuff lately and its benn a whole bunch of fun.. im gonna post a couple pictures of me that might make me look more like a pedophile than chucks making me look but w/e i love puppies and candy

Monday, September 14, 2009


yesterday a few of us went out to fitchburgh skatepark to do some bike riding.. it was pretty fun and i saw some dudes punch each other..i hate bmx'ers though.. there was some local dudes there with theyre ipods on just throwing us bad vibes in every direction.. it was like we had to prove ourselves to them before they would give us the time of day..i cant wait until bmx destroys itself and it comes back around to the old school..

heres some pictures chuck took

pirate mustaches and a dog

i still dont have a camera.. but chuck took a bunch of pictures today of some stuff and i got some stuff to post.. i just dont wanna use it all up yet.. here is a picture of dan.. wich i am siked about because we dont see him that often.. and heres a picture of me with a pirate mustache and im holding dans g/f's dog.

dogs <3

style check

there was some motocross riding going on recently with my roommates, and i came across a picture of my room mates matt and adam going around the same corner.. i figured i would post them on here so we can compare riding styles

Saturday, September 12, 2009

1920's style

today it rained all day :(... chuck and i got really motivated to make a movie.. so we did it.. and it came out soo awesome.. watch this and enjoy !! im happy.. this was the best rainy day!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


after all my years of music.. i always end up back at my roots.. osker is in the top 3 for sure of bands i love.. i like music as a whole.. pretty much no matter what it is.. but theres just something about osker that has always made me smile and still does to this day.. most people i tell about this band dont like it.. and i know it doesent have the same effect on people that it does on me.. but im ok with that.. i wish they were still around :-(



Wednesday, September 9, 2009

dubble dippie

every year i spend the winter down south.. we used to rent a house in west palm beach every year but we all decided to go different ways recently and do different things..anyway..
there is an ice cream stand that was right by our house called the dairy belle and the lady who owns it is amazing.. she is the nicest lady in the world and treats me like i was her own son.. i love that lady.. i was just looking at some old pics of our trips down there and found this pic of her and myself and thought i would post it so i can look at it for the next few days..

thanks for being awesome dubble dippie

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


this girl hangs out at the

Monday, September 7, 2009

brawlin at the belmar

this weekend was really awesome. we went to binghamton new york for a bmx contest called brawlin at the belmar.. it was insane. after the contest we went to bakers acres and rode some dubbs.. it was a great weekend..i took a bunch of pictures but i lost my camera.. im really upset about it because i use that thing everyday to take pics of the things my friends and i do. i like to post everything on here so i can go back and look at stuff we do.. unfortunately its gonna be a bit of time before i can afford to get a new one so i dont know what im going to do..its a bummer!!
fortunately my friend clint took some pictures and posted them on his site so im gonna steal a few from him..thanks clint

we saw clint and derek broken down on the side of the road.. fortunately where they broke down was a beautiful site.. we stopped and gave them moral support for a few minutes

i didnt know i could do table tops like this and im staring at the camera and dont remember anyone taking this picture.. im siked

ryan herbach was there killing it.. he came to town today and hung out with his friend eric for the day.. we rode some bikes and it was a blast

nac nac attack

thank you vic for bringing me.. i had a great time..thank you mr c for puttng on sweet events, thank you everyone i talked to through out the weekend,everyone was awesome and made it even better, thank you kelly baker and family for having us at the acres.. it was a fun time for sure.. im really siked on fun .....and dogs