Thursday, September 24, 2009

dialed 603!!

when you think of trails in new england the first set of trails that comes to mind is the 603 trails in new hampshire..johnny herrick is the biggest influence in new england as far as the trails scene goes.. prison trails, merrimack trails, and some others..

any one that has seen videos or pictures of dover trails knows that the place is more of a form of art work than just some bike jumps in the woods.. they put alot of hard work into making the place look as good as it runs and its always great to see videos and pictures of the new stuff they build.. heres a video from the spring time there.

DIALED 603 TRAILS SPRING 2009 from Johnny Herrick on Vimeo.

they just started a website with some bios of the diggers there and some crazy pictures of the stuff they build.. check it out if you wanna see some awesome stuff 603 TRAILS

i also posted the link up top so you can check out the progress those guys make up there ..anytime.. siiiiick

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