Thursday, March 31, 2011

trails days

went to 9th street this morning. drew was trying to teach me supermans again.. someday they will look like his... b hunt snapped some pics.



the fisher took this one for me.. thank you 

after 9th street we went to eastside and no one was riding but there was a ton of dudes out there.. everyone was digging. they looked like a little ant colony. looks like the dig motivation is going to go into tomorrow so if you wanna get some digging in we will be there before noon sometime.

dont get scared by how pale little jon is..hes a red head

Tom Blyth is the opposite of the flat brim hat

tom blyth is the man. one of the best dudes to hang out with. i saw this picture on THE LEAST MOST in the joel barnett photo gallery of pictures from the megatour trip we went on in the begginning of the month.

there is a bunch of sick pictures in that gallery. you can check them out HERE

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


everyone says they think its 32mph.. thats what people were guessing before the test and thats what people guessed by the video. i dont doubt that 32 could be done but that is a seriously good clip of speed to fly into that left hip. with speeds like would be done with the line in a FLASH!




speaking of a flash.. exactly one year ago today was the day garrett ran full speed into that sliding glass door at cottles i wish i was there watching him do that right now.

Monday, March 28, 2011

the official speed of the ball

San Antonio Josh White

came to the trails the other day with a speedometer on his bike..

clint took it through speed ball to get an official reading of speed around the berm to the big left hip.. watch the video and take a guess at the speed.. 

Yeah Zine! jam

some of the guys should take note of how the females in bmx do it. they are so close to each other and it seems to be more like a family. its pretty incredible to see how they treat each other. Yeah zine is an all girl  bmx zine with pictures and stories from girls that ride bmx all over the world. 
   They had a jam at T-1 the other day and a whole bunch of people showed up. i was really happy to see how stoked all the girls were to be there and everyone just excited to show their support for them and what they are doing. Someone said to me "oh you are at the GIRLS jam!" and it made me realize they didnt have a jam just for girls... the girls had a jam for everyone to come get together and ride bikes,skateboards, or whatever anyone wanted to do. i personally hope they can find ways to have more events like this to get everyone closer together. thanks for the good times.

name dropping?

 i need to touch up on the subject of "name dropping". if you mention anyone who is popular in bmx in any way it always gets taken as name dropping. if you say " DREW BEZANSON and ANTHONY NAPOLITAN have been at the trails a bunch lately wearing matching redbull helmets" people joke that your name dropping.

if your friends with them and say something along the lines of "my friend JOE finally jumped speedball the other day but not without taking out BRIAN first run" people might assume that your trying to be cool and just use their first name instead of joe rich and brian hunt, and again joke that your "name dropping" but trying to act nonchalant about it

 if i go out to the trails two days ago and Tony Cardona,Ruben Alcantara,Joe Rich,Matt Anal,Anthony Napolitan,Drew Bezanson,Clint Reynolds,Brian Hunt,Chase Hawk,Sebastian Keep,Robbie Morales,Sean Sexton,Jim Cielinski,and everyone else i cant think of are out there. im going to eventually have to say some of their names in conversation.

rolled in to T-1 this afternoon only to find "Morgan Wade" there riding 

Friday, March 25, 2011

the postess with the mostess

cody took this picture a while ago from a session at the empire bowl. the usual..everyone riding their bikes and me on the skateboard.

on my 21st birthday i went to a strip club to see a stripper named "bridget the midget". it was interesting

might be going up north for a bit to help vic out at circuitbmx. fun will be had by us. so join in

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the nina the pinta and the santa maria

living on this boat would be incredible. the thought of always needing to be on the coast doesent appeal to me that much but sailing on this thing around some awesome islands with a hot babe seems like a pretty good time.

or maybe even this thing. a replica of "the nina". i  always thought that the boats colombus came over here on were alot bigger.. those guys were the ultimate apes.

i saw this banner when i was in corpus... it was on a church which made me laugh, but maybe i was reading it out of context?

this picture is weird..theres a landing behind that giant landing(aka satans throne) that makes it look like its not a square top. speed ball is the ultimate for all of your mind clearing/fun having needs

this guy must have had some problems with girls/cops and wanted to give everyone a heads up.

and now for the worst news of all... went to a trail jam in san antonio over the weekend. the first run i took i cased the last jump in the line and snapped my forks in half like a tooth pick. i have never broken forks before but its funny how my brain worked. i didnt even think twice about the broken forks. it didnt upset me at all. i was more upset about the loss of this awesome powder ridge sticker i had on them. RIP STICKER.

Monday, March 21, 2011

being dead in style

in this day and age, its important for people to get respected. if they feel like they are belittled or dont have the upperhand they tend to get upset. how long will that be important? when will people be comfortable and secure enough with themselves to realize whats really important? with that attitude, even when your dead, you gotta make sure you look good and get respect.. make sure your rotting corpse is rolling around in an escalade hurst. its unfortunate.

i understand that some people just enjoy nice things and thats what makes them happy. i just wish people could be happy with the finer things a little more. like birds making music and frontside grinds on a skateboard.

delicious road kill

theres people that eat road kill. i guess thats fine if its fresh. not really any different than eating any other dead animal, just society makes it out to be something terrible.

but when i saw this piece of roadkill it made my mouth water. i wanted to eat it immediately.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

corpus christi, texas

road trips are amazing. especially when your on an adventure to somewhere you have never been with no plan and no idea what to expect. my trip to corpus this weekend was just like that. went down there to check out the scenery and i was hoping to do some surfing and see the skatepark and go to a wedding on friday night. the wedding was fun, there wasnt any waves/the beach is covered in seaweed and the skatepark was packed with children.
  But the scenery!! corpus christi is un-real! i cant explain what its like but it was one of the most amazing cities i have ever visited. its tiny and dirty and run down. lots of abandoned buildings and huge weeds growing out of everywhere. the houses on ocean drive are nice but all the houses behind them and shit. i loved it.

i got a bunch of pics but some of them are too good to post all at once..more later

let the good times roll

for some reason i always feel bad when i dont update the site for a while. its been a week and alot has been going on, but i think its the first time in my life that i have had so much awesome stuff happening that i didnt take any pictures. i have a build up of weird things that have been going on but i guess i will just start from the beginning. this week was south by southwest which is crazy enough. we ended up at a bar with an amazing band.. bunch of people from massachusetts in town. they had mortal kombat so we just played that instead.

New England Crew

legit bar with a band in the background and were playing mortal kombat

reynolds vs jamie

Monday, March 14, 2011

Auburn BMX

in the 90's Auburn bikes made this gem. bolt on aluminum rear end and a bad ass fluorescent green paint job.

this one is fully equipped with those powerlite power bend handlebars that curved at the grips.

joe rich used to cruise one of these babies in the vert ramp. and he also said that his best 540 airs were on one of these. the other day he took a few runs on the ramp on the auburn and roasted some pretty big airs. clint got the good pictures. im sure they will make it to a computer screen some day.

James P. Nutter becomes a level 3

Nutter turned 30 yesterday. amazing session out at the trails to celebrate. clint 360'd 4 out of 6 jumps in speedball as a gift to nutter. (the other 2 i think are impossible). it was nuts. my pictures are pretty much all shit but my point and shoot doesent do well in a certain lighting.

the "new" line


reynolds roast in the ball

if this was a sequence of lima it would be a barspin to turndown...but instead its just a blury shitty photo

after the trails everyone went downtown for double celebration of the level 3

lipstick phone number..

goodnight austin