Tuesday, March 8, 2011

megatour last days

the darryl nau super party went down as a success.. the back pack i had full of 60 mousetraps was fun for a while. until there was 60 mousetraps all over the bar getting thrown at everyone..

full factory bobby parker, steve crandall, and ryan corrigan... and i think that might be susan in the background hahahahah

mr positivity stoked on the outcome



creepy mustache keith terra

after the party everyone was toast at the end of the trip.. the last day was really relaxed. we went to T-1 and the bsd team was there doing crazy stuff. garrett was airing this thing a little. but i couldnt get the right picture of it.. everyone killed it on the trip and i am excited to see the final video with all the teams

thanks again to everyone at PROPS for the great trip and the pizza at 9th street. chris hooked me up with my own full pizza!!! i met alot of amazing people on this trip and made alot of new friends.   FBSDM!! 

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