Sunday, March 20, 2011

corpus christi, texas

road trips are amazing. especially when your on an adventure to somewhere you have never been with no plan and no idea what to expect. my trip to corpus this weekend was just like that. went down there to check out the scenery and i was hoping to do some surfing and see the skatepark and go to a wedding on friday night. the wedding was fun, there wasnt any waves/the beach is covered in seaweed and the skatepark was packed with children.
  But the scenery!! corpus christi is un-real! i cant explain what its like but it was one of the most amazing cities i have ever visited. its tiny and dirty and run down. lots of abandoned buildings and huge weeds growing out of everywhere. the houses on ocean drive are nice but all the houses behind them and shit. i loved it.

i got a bunch of pics but some of them are too good to post all at once..more later

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