Sunday, March 6, 2011

the last few days of the mega-est of tours

street riding all day. a good time for sure. i saw darryl nau hop onto a roof of a car from flat ground. and everyone else did awesome stuff as well. i just watched and enjoyed every minute of it. strip clubs, and bbq's, awesome times.

the bus is getting a little messy...not the best arrangements for 11 people

a slightly smaller group of guys got in the fbm van and headed south to ride some street

rode this spot first 

tom blyth

kenny horton

there was a big cookout at T-1. thank you joe for opening your door to everyone. always a good time. credence skate team was in full effect taking over the ramp and killing it.. matty anal was ripping so hard. carve over the T-1 vert wall. awesome

when we got to t-1 everyone was having so much fun together in the van. we decided to sit there and enjoy one last song together before we got out. good times 

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