Monday, December 29, 2008

panda monium

matt and i really covered some ground on our anti-panda campaign...we have to unite as one . we have to put an end to the pandas stupidity...these are 2 pictures we drew for a sticker idea..when they come in i will let everyone know and there will be stickers for everyone...nuke the pandas!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


i just saw these 2 pics on ryan and seans site..i like is webster jake at webster park and the other one is a pic of chuck at the new skatepark in this town

anti-panda campaign

Went to the movies last night and on the way home matt brought up an interesting topic..PANDAS..i guess him and tito watched a long show on tv about how they are going extict and people need to help them..

Heres the argument matt had. pandas are killing themselves..they only eat one certain stick and if they dont have it they starve and die..are they too stubborn to adapt? there is fish in the bottom of the ocean that some how grew lights on their heads because its too dark to see. but a stupid panda cant get itself to eat something else??maybe another stick thats similar in flavor..or maybe a small animal or something..then he had another good you have any idea how much money goes into panda research??millions of dollars get used to try and keep an animal alive that is too stupid to eat.theyre babies are blind for 6 months after they are born because they are so malnourished from all the stupid crappy leaves theyre moms eat while they're in the whom.i say let the pandas fend for themselves.if they die its theyre own damn fault..take that money your wasting on a dumb bear and use it for something else that acctually has a chance at learning from its mistakes.

so in conclusion..matt and myself decided to start an anti-panda campaign.we are going to be making shirts and stickers that are against panda development..

our motto is "no panda should go to bed with a full stomach!"


i hate pandas

Saturday, December 27, 2008

cha ching!!!

matt coplon interview

matt coplon from profile has an interview up on vital bmx check it out here

salty seagulls

a few months ago i went to blaymans house and skated the ramp and we ended up wheel chairing the ramp...and blayman made a little video for salty seagulls.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

the grandparents

--i talked to my grandparents today and they were psyched on the site..they said they learned more about me by checking out the website than they have my whole life..its funny how that works..i never realized that its hard for them to understand me and understand why i have the mindset i do because they dont get to see me on a day to day basis and sometimes dont hear from me for months on most of my adult life they spent wondering what i was up to and now that they have been checking out the site they are kind of getting more of a feel for why i do things the way i do..
i guess myself and some of the people i hang out with have a lazy way of going about isnt important..having nice things isnt important..having a great job and a strong plan for the future isnt important.. yea ill admit it, saving money for the future is probably a better direction. working hard and getting stability in your life might be great..but if you can find happiness in the little things in life, than i say congratulations to you..ill keep my dirty clothes and my tiny room with the cheap rent..just give me something to laugh about and something to smile about and that will keep me happy till i die...

cheers to simplicity!
cheers to the woods!

the wanderers

my friend joel and his new bride have been sailing south for theyre honeymoon..they have a website called the wanderers and i always get excited when they post new stuff on there..its interesting to see where they have been and where they are going..they just made it into virginia and are starting to hit some warmer temperatures...joel rules the roost and its awesome to see 2 people be so happy with the simple things in life..cheers joel!!

third arm shovel

i dont want to post the same shit as kyle sooo ill just let you know he posted an awesome video of chase hawk and robbo of pa riding some pa soil..real good...check it out at Third Arm Shovel!!

motofarm 08

this vid might not be entertaining to most...but billy will be psyched...and his friends...this year at the motofarm race a couple guys decided to re-route the track to go right throgh a huge mud hole...and tito just happened to be filming it??? what a coincidence..enjoy b cycle

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

island christmas

this past weekend we had a party at billys house..we decided that since it was like 15 degrees outside with a foot of snow, we would get the woodstove roaring and make it around 90 inside his house and throw a tropical christmas party..billy acctually made a beach in his kitchen and it seemed like everyone had a great time..chuck and myself started a band named "white lightning". we put together a 15 minute set with some dance routines and gangster rap and christmas songs all balled into it and people seemed to enjoy that..we are going to be playing another show on new years eve soooo i hope to see everyone at that party as well...bring your tuxedos...there will be more information on that in a few days..heres a few random pics from the going to post a bunch more tomorrow

Saturday, December 20, 2008


:34 seconds in and 2:30 in are the 2 sickest clips ever..this vid rules

i saw this on welcome 2 pittsburgh

bmx from Glenn Johnson on Vimeo.


The hit. Dipshit and the Dingo style
Satchel gets it done
Heart attack!!
What else is there to do in ten inches of snow??? We, go driving. Walmart to target to all over the backroads of CT until we end up shoveling a ramp over a guardrail to hit on our new 8 dollar tubes..... psyched....

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I went to the Killingly skate park this sunday for a quick sesh and ended up ridin it most of the day. It will be finished in the next two weeks and we will finally have a sweet spot here in town to ride. I rode across the spine and hit the hip a few times, can't wait till the biggest part is finished. here's a quick little clip.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

mountain biking??

tito, matt, and myself went mountain biking this morning..ive never really been before and it was pretty was kind of brisk at first but then warmed up...the day started out sweet when i went over the bars in my driveway and passed out..woke up and didnt know where i was or what happened... but then we ended up kicking but in the woods and it was are some pics of the fun

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

more good...high speed 360 table...sweet tits

trails trails trails

this spot looks fun

fun times

im pretty sure that anyone who acctually looks at this site probably looks at the deluxe site too...if you dont you have a problem because that site rules...any who.. if your one of the people who look at this site and dont look at that site then you probably didnt see this video..and if your one of those people who look at this site and that site,,well then you already saw this video and should watch it again...trails are awesome...

prettyshady, trails. from josephrobert on Vimeo.

Thanksgiving ride edit...finally

This is my first edit using the old imovie with the new imovie, This was such a fun day i wanted to do this one first, .... Eric and I have a few fun ideas in works, check in soon, ...enjoy
Untitled from CHUCK GOLDY on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

chuck and i were talking about getting a limo to take to the skatepark and on road trips and stuff...we started brain storming and decided to name the limo "white lightning"...we had some bracelets made to help get the ball rolling on the limo and hopefully when we get the money for it we will be able to take people around in it to local skateparks and even on some big road trips all over...if you want to help out with the limo the bracelets are only 3 bucks and its going to be worth it for sure...let me know if you want in on the me at

profile interview

for some reason...matt coplon thought i was worthy of having an interview up on the profile website...sooo he asked me a bunch of random questions and threw em up on the site with some pictures...check it outProfile Racing

thanks matt and vic

Sunday, December 7, 2008

making the band

kyle posted up som new pics of things he has been working on up at dover..that place is great...check em out Third Arm Shovel....ive been really lazy lately other than hockey...and today we started a band...that was fun

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

lazy days

this cold weather has been taking its toll on us...i hevant been doiung much of anything except hockey..looks like indoor skatepark season is officialy upon us :( gonna try and head south in january to get some warm weather trails sessions in..then i can come back home and do some sledding..ugh

a few yers ago this video came out called "the day is over" i always like it because there was soo much footage in was like the kid lived behind his camera lens...the same kid is putting out a second video coming up this year...this is the trailer for it..ted van orman is really good...hes the dude that has that magazing called "LIFE?"

Time Will Tell Trailer (Coming 2009.. EVO Productions) from Elliot Van Orman Productions on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

old man jam

went to the old man jam...i cant find the pics from it so i just stole a few from other sites...that jam is a cool thing to have because it brought johnny o out of retirement and that is awesome...not to mention people that are over 30 understand what bmx is all about and they know how to have fun on a bike...burger and sean rudzinsky(sp?) are really good at riding bikes...awesome