Thursday, December 25, 2008

the grandparents

--i talked to my grandparents today and they were psyched on the site..they said they learned more about me by checking out the website than they have my whole life..its funny how that works..i never realized that its hard for them to understand me and understand why i have the mindset i do because they dont get to see me on a day to day basis and sometimes dont hear from me for months on most of my adult life they spent wondering what i was up to and now that they have been checking out the site they are kind of getting more of a feel for why i do things the way i do..
i guess myself and some of the people i hang out with have a lazy way of going about isnt important..having nice things isnt important..having a great job and a strong plan for the future isnt important.. yea ill admit it, saving money for the future is probably a better direction. working hard and getting stability in your life might be great..but if you can find happiness in the little things in life, than i say congratulations to you..ill keep my dirty clothes and my tiny room with the cheap rent..just give me something to laugh about and something to smile about and that will keep me happy till i die...

cheers to simplicity!
cheers to the woods!

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