Saturday, May 31, 2008

as long as theres penis in my burgers im happy

today was the spring time festival in downtown danielson..they have a parade and chuck made a ramp on a 4 wheeler and i crashed and destroyed my right ass wasnt awesome..but then we had a bbq at the shop and rode some ramps in the back and that was awesome..the briggs' came down and ry ry took some pictorals..i cant wait to see them...all in all another amazing day...chuck said this to me "i have had the funnest last 3 weeks..ive been doing fun stuff everyday and its great"..thats cool because thats what everyone should be basing their life around...FUN....fuck money,fuck possessions,fuck the american live once...right now...go fuckin live

Friday, May 30, 2008

the cubby interview is innnn!!!!!!!

this is biiiig news...i asked owners of circuit bmx if they could ask their dog cubby a couple of questions that everyone has been dying to know...and this is what she had to say

1). name , age , sex
Cubby or Cubs, 8, female

2).what is your favorite thing to do?
I like to hang out at the Cumby trails, or just go for walks in the woods. I also like eating dandelions, and chasing moths, and making nests out of blankets.

3).do you or have you ever had a b/f or g/f?
Well, I'm still a virgin. I kinda have a crush on Trevor. He's like 12 years old, is partially blind and has a limp. He ignores me but that makes him even hotter. I hear you have some dachshund connections, can you hook a girl up?

4).what is your favorite food?
I'll pretty much eat anything that doesn't come in a package like broccoli, avocado and chicken, and meat right off the grill. I also like food that I can find on walks like dandelions, raspberries and shellfish.


5).where is your favorite place to travel?
I like going to my mom and dad's parent's houses, and to visit my buddy Maxwell in NY. Day trips to the beach are cool too. My Mom tries to take me places on her bike but I can't stand that either.

6).where is one place you would like to visit that you have never been before?
I've heard great things about the Wolf's Den trails. I'd like to walk on the landings and hang out at the fireplace.

7).what is your favorite tv show or movie?
All movies are good because when they're on, that means I'm cuddling with mom and dad.

8).do you chase your tail?
I just started recently. It's so hard not to cuz I can see it. Don't you chase yours?

9).did you ever get to see the little itty bitty baby foxes that were at prov park?
I Yes, one day VIc and I were walking up the trail behind the skatepark and they were right there. I didn't notice them until I was about ten feet away, and then right when I did, Vic picked me up. The babies were way bigger than me.

10).who would you like to thank?
The trailsrule blog for being awesome, my Dad for his awesome hugs and for taking me to the trails, and my Mom for taking me on bike rides and walks all the time.

thanks cubby for anwsering these rock...and about the connections with my dogs....they are females too...sorryyyy

Thursday, May 29, 2008

adam spatula hands

cooked some food at jims bike shop last was awesome..the food was delicious..thank you g funk for the burgers...adam got roped into cooking all the food and it came out good good good...then we looked at a bunch of pictures on chucks tv...that briggs took and keiths girlfriend took and chuck took..there was some amazing pics and i cant wait to post some of them up...but for now heres some pictures from the bbq@ctb...grilling is the sheezle

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i think were gonna ride the trails again on sunday??

i have a feeling this summer is going to be an amazing summer...lots of grilling,lots of bicycles,lots of relaxing,and lots of doing whatever the fuck we want to do...i rode my bicycle to work this was all uphill on the way there wich sucks but the ride home was kick ass..i took a victory picture because its a good feeling when you ride a bike somewhere and not drive..i love the new bike...i just got a bunch of the pics from this past weekend at the trails...big big big thank you to briggs for taking some snappy snap shots..everyone looked like they were having a blast and i cant want to do it some more...we are having a cookout at the tackle box tonight and that is going to be sweet..on an ending note.....i have a sweet beard and the normal quote of "bikes are fun...have fun!!!"
victory is mine
tis pic is awesome..chuck licks leaves
another sweet pic
tito the whipper snapper
x box was blasting higher than anyone and looking sooo smooth...siiiiiick
briggs just started riding and he was sending himself off the jumps...its cool to see glad we built that line
keith came down with his g/f and she took a ton of pics...awesome!! and he made it through the jumps and took a few hard crashes along the way...come back anytime doooooood
this picture is awesome of malarky face...he just shaved his head today becaus he didnt like the way his hair looked in these pics :)

garret byrnes is amazing

that guy is soo good...i just saw this pic from a 2x4 road trip and it made me remember how good of a rider that guy is...hes has THE best style and this picture is a little taste of what im talking about

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

dover dover dover

today is lazy tuesday...i know im run thin from the weekend...alot of digging and carrying water buckets and riding...and not enough sleep..vic went up to dover trails this weekend for a we cookout..ive only been to that place once and it was a while ago but that is an awesome spot and kyle and johnny know what theyre doing...i hear the place is ridiculous now and i cant wait to go in august..vic posted a few pics from the jumps on his site.(click here)..this weekend is the spring time festival in downtown danielson and im gonna be in the parade doing surfers down the street in a costume..should be fun...also the kink team is gonna be at vics shop on sunday so all you people that get star struck by people who ride bicycles should head over there and get some autographs on your breasts...heres a few i stole from vic of kyle doing a can can..i cant believe how much that trick is coming back into seems like everywhere i look theres a picture of someone doing a can can...i want the nac nac back!! and dan has officially quit riding to be a professional scooter-er...

mccarthy 2(jes rules)

sooo my camera is a totaly piece of shit and takes cloudy blury pics and it sucks....the mccarthy cookout that we went to on saturday was official...there was fire,volley ball,horses,food,and a ramp...what more could you want??since my camera sucks....jes rocked the house with the snap shots...this weekend has been hectic and so good...heres some pics from the cookout on saturday... chuck and dan about to kiss
dan with some air style


adam was boosting some massive airs on that ramp

Monday, May 26, 2008

memorial day????bbq??? duhhh

memorial day weekend....what a gorgeous weekend to have a cook out and relax with friends...we had a good size crew out at the trails this weekend,wich was totally awesome.i know i bought about 25 bucks in food and chuck bought about 50 soooo thanks chuck for the smores and burgs...we had alot of fun riding the jumps..unfortunately my camera is a total piece of shit and takes horrible pics soo a bunch of other people took pics and i dont know when im gonna see them...bummer...but we rode pretty much all day yesterday and today and thanks to everyone for helping keep stuff watered and digging and everything...the bee line is so awesome and hopefully we are gonna make an edit of all the footage from the weekend....this weekend was fun and im pooped...wrestling is gay and bikes are fun...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

the mccarthy compound

today chauncy,dan,the bear,a-town, and myself went to a cookout at ben mccarthys house...he built a 5ft mini ramp with a spine so we rode it for a wasnt completely done but it was really fun on one side and really easy to air out big...everyone had fun and we are just siked for tomorrow...we are having a cookout at the trails...were gonna try and film it and make a little edit...should be fun...heres some pics from the cookout

old school??

yesterday was out at the trails building up a landing...(wich came out perfect)..and scotty bear rolls in and starts doing really good x-ups with the greasyist hair i have ever seen...and then i look in the other directiuon and standing there is jarred brassard...another dude who hasnt rode in forever.and he just starts buzzing his shoulder off his tire doing huge tables...but of course me like a stupid idiot forgot my camera..but im gonna go out there and see those guys in a little bit and hopefully snap a few and tito were riding the bees and that line iss soooo much funnnn..its have to be a big ape to ride the jumps though because they are sketchy and kinda tech..i like it...tito did an awesome table over the second bee jump and a one footed tire awesome to see people rip it up...mcphoneface,the coward, and myself are going to a cookout today where there supposedly is a mini ramp...iu cant wait and then tomorrow is a big cookout at the trails...should be a hoot of a time...i cant and chuck went on an 18 mile bike ride this morning...i got a new road bike and its pretty fun..i cant wait to do more rides like that....BIKES ARE FUN.....GO RIDE A BIKE

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kentucky kenshmucky

Daniel James Mcsupercoward here wit a few more kentucky pickies!!!!!!!!