Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Austin life

if you came to Austin just for bmx, i think it would be easy to get burnt out. Actually, anywhere you go, not just Austin. I feel that there needs to be a healthy balance between riding your bmx bike and enjoying other things.
   Im old enough now that the majority of the people i hang out with when riding are older and share the same opinion about the sport. They all have other things they are also passionate about.

  Today i went on a awesome road bike ride with a friend around the city. its the first bike ride i have gone on since i have been here that wasn't commuting from point A to point B. just cruising with no destination.

a month or so ago a magazine article came out about a trip the T-1 team went on to Colorado. i remember reading the Intro joe wrote and thinking "WOW, thats right on". and today it came back into my head. i asked him to send it to me and here it is..

" Time and time again, I'm amazed how different my perception of time is depending on my surroundings. Life is one big time machine that speeds up, or slows down depending on what I have going on in my life. Ever hear people talk about how they don't know where this week went ? Or this month, or year, or past 10 years ? One thing that is obvious to me is that having routine, is what speeds time up. When I participate in some sort of daily regimen, day in and day out, time passes me by without any notice of it. Every time I travel, this becomes more and more obvious to me. It reminds me of how long a day really is. And if I fill those days with new experience, time starts to slow down. Everything becomes more vivid. Sights, Smells, Thoughts. I feel like it frees my soul and I'm exactly where I need to be at that moment. Taking in whatever comes my way, and remembering every moment of it. All of the sudden, I know exactly where my week went, or should I say, where I went during the week ! "

this was how i felt on our bike ride.. it doesent necessarily have to be traveling. it can be right under your nose the whole time and you just have to go with it.

thanks again joe for the awesome words and the great bike ride.

sorry you took the head wind the whole time man...haha

bad picture... amazing view


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