Sunday, June 8, 2008


i have to start this off by saying thanks to everyone for a great weekend...camping was everything i thought it would be and i had a blast...i also wanna thank mother nature for hooking the den up with the best conditions i have ever had out there...we really couldnt ask for more dialed jumps...i couldnt take alot of pictures because my camera is still a huge poop shoot and i was waaaaay to busy riding the best trails i have ever and tito started finally building some good jumps and its changed my whole outlook once again on trails..theres nothing like getting a section dialed to the max!!! ive always had trails but the jumps could always be better and use work....not anymore...the wolf den is amazing..thank you biggs and skiggs for all the food and deer meat and pan and everything guys are awesome..thanks chuck for keeping everyone entertained saturday night...chris kaseck made a cameo appearance too and he was blasting out the bees for sheez...shwiiiing...ADAM WAS KILLING IT!!!!!! you couldnt even tell he hadnt been riding in like 10 yrs...trails are amazing

heres the roller coaster

oh yea and we built a roller coaster at the trails...i tried to take a picture of it but my camera sucks..hopefully it will give you a slight idea of what it is

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