Thursday, February 4, 2010

day 10 the last day

day 10 was the last day of the fbm trip..we rode the jumps a bunch and hung out with kato the trail master

i didnt take any pictures of anyone riding because i was riding too much ..after we were done riding steven c took us all out for pizza buffet to top off the trip!! we all ate our weight in slices..thanks a bunch man ..

that was the end of the fbm trip from richmond to florida..the rest of the dudes headed back home to the snowy weather and vic and i stayed to try and soak up some more sun rays..
thank you mr c and fbm ..and the whole team for being awesome..thank you vic for everything..i owe you 10 buckaroos..thanks evan for letting me ride your skateboard and for being a gret travel bud..nick for making me laugh and sing terrible rap songs all week..i cant wait to do it again!!!

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