Wednesday, August 10, 2011

pa 2

after we woke up scattered throughout someones yard...we went to catty to check out the jumps. when we got there it started raining but the place is still crazy to look at.. the new editions this year are a few cement berms...

left catty did a little cave exploration and then headed to nyc in the rain.

slept and woke up to a beautiful day. went for a long bike ride to the beach

i was getting sun burnt so i decided to go for a bike ride and get some shade for an hour. found some puppys.

when i got back to the beach i was stunned. when i left it was clint,matty,brian, and brians friend francis. when i returned it was those 4.... plus 6 topless women.
i walked on the beach and saw clint throw a frisbee to a naked chick

then i look in the water and brian and matty are body surfing waves with 5 more topless chicks. i jumped in the water and a girl backstroked by me. it ruled

we left the beach did some adventuring and headed back to the house burnt to a crisp.

got tacos, went to sleep, woke up and jumped on a bus to boston, sat next to a babe, talked to her the whole time, went and hung out with some friends in the city and took the train home. life is good.

this trip was the perfect last minute adventure. its easy to get caught in a routine and forget how important it is to get out and put yourself in a situation you arent used to. its healthy.

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