Sunday, October 5, 2014

All Hail Queen Charlotte

   We really had no plan when we woke up. Tried to go to an information center and met our first rude New Zealander. Decided to do a long hike on the Queen Charlotte Track. When we came in on the ferry, there was a range of mountains to our right side that we stared at in awe for a good 30 minutes; This was the hiking trail that walked across all of them....
    Got this picture in the morning, of the ferry leaving town with the Queen Charlotte track in the background. At this point we didn't know we were going to be up there.

We got a campsite and parked the car in it. Packed up all of our gear for a few days in the woods, and started walking down the road. Got picked up almost immediately by a really funny guy from Switzerland and he brought us to our trail head.. After some serious trekking, this wo
uld be our view for most of the day

Played a lot of Chess throughout the trip. This was one of the best places we played

Slept in my hammock and woke up to a big Weka pecking at my bag. Those things are fearless.

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