Friday, October 10, 2014

Down the East Coast to the Seals

Picton was full of tourists. We were everywhere. But then we spent a few days in the woods and forgot about it.. After driving from our campsite in picnic bay, to Kaikoura. We rolled into a town so small and so over crowded with tourists, it was almost unbearable to hang there. Perfect Laundry day and slept at a cool spot with a bunch of seals everywhere.

Took a hike on the Kaikoura peninsula in the morning. Cool adventure and was able to get away from some of the riff raff. Beautiful Mountain drop background on the town of Kaikoura. And a mean hotplate.

Drove down to New Brighton, in Christchurch. Had seen a picture of a new bowl down there and it was not a disappointment..other than the wind. Met some really awesome people down there in the few nights that we stayed there in the parking lot. Had some tea with an old retired guy that was on his lifes last leg, driving around the country in his old van as a somewhat farewell to his homeland. I definitely will never forget Bill. There were also 3 vans of Germans that were sleeping in the parking lot and surfing a fun break across the street from the park.

And all the local kids we met at all the different spots, New Brighton's were top class.

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