Monday, September 29, 2014

The Mount

stayed in Maunganui for a few days. Good surf and good vibes. We relaxed on the beaches all day and just wandered around aimlessly.

Slept on Motuniki Island.. Nothing better than waking up with a view.

Went to a grocery store to change the oil in Stella in the parking lot. When Bubba was inside looking for a drain pan, he randomly ran into the lady that I sat next to on the flight to NZ. She invited us to meet up with her and her daughter for dinner at her daughters house in Papamoa Beach. Played music on the beach and slept in her back yard. Funny to have them offer up spare bedrooms and couches, and the thought of sleeping inside was un-appealing and we slept under the moon. Thank you Nancy and Mikaela for the kindness and hospitality.

Nancy, Bubba, Stella, and I

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