Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hitting the road while on the road...

After being in New Zealand for a few days, we bought a car..Went to a car fair in Auckland, Saw it, loved it, bought it. 1500 bucks and we are mobile.. Loaded up all of our gear, had a nice little session in the woods, and
followed Caleb back to his place in Whangamata (fung-a-matah) on the North East NZ coast.. Glow worm cave exploration on the way.Woke up to explore Calebs beautiful back yard.

 After we left Calebs, we headed North up to the Coromandel Peninsula. There is a beach up there that, when the tide is out, you can dig a hole in the sand and the hot springs below the ground will fill you up your own little private hot tub... Low tide wasn't until midnight so we headed more north to the tip of the peninsula. The drive up there was crazy, saw some awesome Pohutukawa trees, not in bloom but still looking incredible..Had to climb em.

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