Monday, September 22, 2014

Scooters and Hot Water

Taupo Rules.

 Lake Taupo is fed by hot springs. Its huge and the temperature stays the same all year. We got some food and cruised all over town for the whole day. Found the local skatepark and tried to take some runs, as soon as we started cruising, the scooter kids started showing up in packs.
Right across the street from the Taupo skatepark is a pretty crazy hot spring.. the water falls down into three separate pools and eventually flows out into a big river. We took a walk down to check it out and it was full of foreigners looking for that hot water experience..Packed

       We decided to try and get a renegade camp out in the parking lot of the hot springs. We made an excellent meal in the parking lot and ate it with a stunning view of the river.. Went back to the hot spring at night and got the empty VIP soaking. Stoking

eat your vegetables

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