Thursday, September 25, 2014

NZ North of Auckland

A short stint in Auckland again for a few days.. Rode the jumps, so much had changed since we were there a week before.. things stacked higher/steeper. Place is awesome and its so good to kick back and watch all the dudes rip. Bubba cased a big jump and flew to the bottom of the landing..a huge landing. George, Caleb, Lola.

Went and rode a pretty crazy ditch..

Then took the drive North of Auckland for a few hours to spend a few  days somewhere exotic before  Rob has to fly home to a snow covered Philadelphia. Weather was cloudy and drizzly. Stopped at a weird bowl. G Byrnes tried to 180 disaster it and gets stuck and flips over the bars in the "get what you get" T-1 video. Funny to recognize it after watching that video a bunch of times since it came out. Planned to go back and ride it the next day, But the pouring rain shut us time.

Kept rolling North to the Waipoua Forest; Home to New Zealands largest tree, "Tane Mahuta". A Giant Kauri tree like no tree i've ever seen. It was hard to get a picture that did it any justice, just like redwoods. Funny to drive way out into the middle of no where and just sit and stare at a giant tree.

Double Rainbow shining down on Stella on our way outta there, en route to the Kai Iwi Lakes.

Slept at the lakes, hoping it wasn't going to rain. Cloudy and ratty weather didn't affect another one of our home cooked meals on fire.. Top of a hill with a view. The clods cleared up that night and the stars really opened up. Played some banjo while we sat there and enjoyed the view. Rob took a picture of us, that ended up being the cover photo to the Dig article.

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  1. Dude so glad you started posting again, been rad watching your travels. That pic you sent me of the tunnel riders is now hainging out in our master bathroom. and my wife and kid now ride bmx. life is good.