Sunday, September 28, 2014

On our own to Mt. Maunganui

Had plans to ride the trails known as Summer Hill. But rain shut it down in the morning so Bubba and I decided to part ways with the comfort of our friends and local tour guides, and set our sights south bound. We drove to Mt. Maunganui. A town that we knew nothing about, other than they have a wave we might be able to surf..

And surf we did...Along with a shit  load of other people.

Turns out that New Zealand has propane hot plates all over the country.. They are everywhere and we cooked a bunch of our meals on different ones throughout the time we spent down there. Maunganui was our first experience with them. had no idea we would be searching for them and finding them in almost every town..

Slept under a picnic table in the rain. Slept like kings.

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