Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mt. Tongariro.

Woke up, Rob got another solo session in the hot spring and then we took a few more runs at the skatepark.. got a sesh for maybe a half hour before all the babies started showing up on their scooters from every direction... Soo many damn scooter kids in NZ. the skateparks seem to be for them. We got out of there and headed for the Mountain.
Tongariro national park is a cluster of volcanos in the middle of the north island. 2 years ago one of them blew off and sent a bunch of huge boulders hundreds of feet into the air.. there were 5 foot deep craters everywhere with boulders the size of a microwave at the bottoms of each one..The volcano was still smoking/steaming. Tongariro park is also home to the well known MT. Doom (Mt Ngauruhoe) from the Lord of the rings.

We ended up in a pretty surreal location, One of the Emerald lakes in the tops of one of the volcanoes ... we walked up in a fog, not being able to see anything. As we sat there on some moon-like chucks of hard dried lava the clouds blew away for maybe 5 minutes and showed us a view that we weren't expecting, seeing places like these puts it all into perspective. The beauty of the world

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