Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Slow roll back to Auckland

 From Mt. Tongariro we started our drive north to Raglan. My first lesson in New Zealand road map reading.. secondary road in NZ may very well be a dirt road.... And we were on it for a while. Decided to pull over on the side of the dirt road in the middle of no where and sleep.. Poured rain all night and we slept perfectly right thorough it.. Packed up everything soaked and finished out the drive to Raglan...home of "the worlds longest left hand surf break", or so they say in "The Endless Summer"

Raglan was a cool surf town. The wind was so bad that we couldn't actually take any runs at the skate park.. Made the best of it for a little while and decided to get on the road to hit a few more spots up to Auckland. Stopped at the Hamilton skatepark and got extra stoked on the old school circular pool. No wrong lines

Having rob on the trip for the first two weeks was awesome. He loves the adventure of finding/riding anything new, and you know he is down for whatever.. He put together an article for DIGBMX and this was one of the pictures he snapped of Bubba and I riding the Hamilton bowl. So stoked to have this from our journey.

Hamilton rules.

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