Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of july weekend

packed up the truck with some bikes

i rode in the back to the spot..gorgeous day. enjoyed it so much

climbed up a mountain just in time to watch the sun set..and then we were able to see 3 different towns fire works from up there,

nice fire cooked some food over it..luxury

woke up really and watched to sun come up on the opposite side of the mountain :-)

started the fire in the morning and made some oatmeal. 

view from the top of the mountain

rode a snake run...on a tandem

i ended up crashing pretty hard on the snake run..not long after we had got done talking about how bad it would be to crash on it.

snake runs kick ass

my bike

napped in the snake run and hung out for the day then headed home in the back of the truck..:)

got home and chris' friend was having a party so we headed over there and lit fireworks in her yard

tito was pumped

extra pumped

they had a kick ass couple of dogs

and those dogs had puppies..they were 4 days old..dogs rule

we ended up sleeping on the floor in her 13yr old little sisters bedroom while her sister slept in the living room on the couch.it smelled so bad like feet in there. weird

woke up in the morning and their mom made us a crazy breakfast.

weekend over...amazing times

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