Friday, July 2, 2010

fbm gypsy caravan day seven night life

went out down town to have a little fun..we packed 15 people into a van that can barely hold 7..people were having a blast and the locals wished they could fight all of us..we walked into the first place and tito just started playing some bongos while this guy was trying to play his guitar on stage...

then we hit up the worst strip club i have ever seen, they acctually had a real life skeleton working there..impressive.

this is the craziest strip club scene i have ever been cant really see anything in this video but just listen to us screaming and chanting fbm while she danced

i have an amazing video of tito getting on the dance floor and strutting his stuff but im not gonna post it for a bit and save it for a better time..

after the strip club we headed back to the van ..a homeless guy with one eye wanted to come back with us so how are we gonna tell him no?  his name was chuck.

next one is my favorite..look at his face...sooo siked!!

then we hit the sheets and got ready to visit the gold mine for the day!
if your happy sleeping like is good!

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