Tuesday, December 20, 2011

jakes house experience

i like putting myself in a situation that seems uncomfortable at the time, but when its all said and done, im laughing about it later. The other night at jakes house was one of those nights. His 2 roommates, Erin and Katie, were having a party at the house. homemade pizza and weed rice krispie treats was the food options. Jake wasn't getting out of work until after 10 so i decided to head over early, alone. The house was packed with people, all in a rice krispie mindset. i didnt know anyone there. i awkwardly small talked with a few strangers that clearly had a much larger I.Q. than me. it was weird. my best bet was to eat some pizza, eat some rice krispies, and find a nice space to sit and watch everyone.

i chose a spot on the couch. no one else in the room with jakes adorable cat on my left and a record player on my right. a perfect view into the kitchen.

2 rice krispie treats was a bad idea. they kicked in and i melted into the couch, with "UB40" playing in the background and a cat on my lap. no one else in the room. that was where i stayed for hours. Jake finally came home at almost 11:00. he stayed just long enough to eat a rice krispie treat and sit with me on the couch for about 15 minutes, then he left. someone sat next to me and i took a picture of their sock.

things started getting really weird and i went outside to the the bus and went to sleep. 


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  1. Eric,

    Hey man this is Mike Meister. Your site is kick ass! And your part in Thousand yard Stare was dope! Keep up the good work buddy.