Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the 2 amigos

my friends Nick and Kerry have a book store/art studio?? im sure they wouldnt refer to it as either of those things, but im not very educated in anything that has to do with art/books so i call it a store. its great to see the 2 of them so passionate about something that im not too familiar with, i could just sit all night and listen to nick talk to people about books and art and everything that goes along with it.
they had a party there the other night and i went to hang out. read some good stuff and watched a bunch of people do their thing, it was a great time. thanks guys. Amigos Publishing

cross your legs when you stand

the poet wooing the ladies

giant glasses are back kid!

someone asked if anyone had an iphone.. i joked about my phone being shit and pulled it out. the 5 people i was standing with all had a similar antique relic.

chris pickett is crazy.. he says the craziest stuff,has a crazy beard, and dont give 2 shits. i like him.
chris,jake,and i and beards

hallway dance party

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