Wednesday, December 7, 2011

new england digging season

well my time in plymouth massachusetts is done. i watched more tv while i was there, than i have in a couple of years combined, and didnt ride my bmx once the whole time out there.  life out there sort of revolved around working, eating dinner, television, and sleeping... repeat.  not exactly my idea of a good time, but i enjoyed the change of pace.
   to make up for time lost while i was there, i came back to providence and spent 4 days straight digging and riding at the cumberland trails with my friends. this is the season for the trails to grow and evolve in the north east. perfect digging temperatures with stackable moist dirt. jake and i built a new line out there this year and with justin's keen ability to fine tune a dirtjump....we were able to get it running to the end (which is a really fun long and low for now).

being out at the trails at 9AM cooking bacon and eggs over a fire

meet wimpee. the new line jake and i started. got this whole landing whipped up in a day and a half

jake roasting the long and high

justin jumping the T-bone in "bears"

late night digging by the fire.


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