Tuesday, December 13, 2011

freezing cold

the ground officially froze at the trails up here in new england. rode them one day and the next day they are done for months. bummer. since jake and i have been building this new line at the trails, i have been going to get breakfast or lunch at the same grocery store across the street every time i am out there. and i am reminded every time im in there, how shitty people can be. i am usually wearing dirty clothes from digging all day and i have long hair and a beard. every time i go in there, within the first 2 minutes i start getting followed by someone. im guessing they look at me and stereotype me as a thief because my clothes arent nice?
     the store is a fancy, wanna be whole foods with a free coffee bar for customers. yesterday i bought a muffin,apple,clif bar,bag of almonds and a box of tea. i went to the coffee bar to fill my small thermos with hot water. the guy that was following me around the store was now moving cans of nutella around to look busy so he could spy on me and make sure i didnt do anything wrong. im guessing that he saw the dirt on my jeans and must have assumed that i was an idiot. i think i would have rather him just openly stand next to me the whole time i was in there. as soon as i go to fill my thermos from the hot water valve on the side of the coffee maker he got his big break! FINALLY, I CAN YELL AT HIM FOR SOMETHING!!  he walks over immediately and says "the coffee machine is not to be used to fill your thermos with coffee". i sarcastically replied with "yea i figured that, thats why im only filling it with hot water to make the tea i am buying from your store.but im sure you saw me pick the tea up off the shelf since you have been following me around since i walked in the door?". he didnt like that too much and walked away.. i decided to follow him around for a little while just to mess with him, wherever he went i just stood 5 feet away and adjusted jars of soup and cereal boxes.  unfortunately, people will always act like that.

on a lighter note, heres a picture of vic and cubby out in the woods.

jake and chris working on the wimp 

big thanks to the life guard for coming out and hanging.

first 2 jumps in the new line "wimpee"


  1. Haha, welcome to reality man. Fuck the America, haha. Paul.

  2. why isnt there a shovel in my hand right now?