Monday, January 31, 2011

puerto rico

Whiskey & co. on steady flow on my computer lately.. and i dont have any problems with that. couple days left in Austin and then its off to Puerto Rico for a month to do some surfing.

i got an email from carlos this afternoon that just said "soon brother, soon you will be in paradise"

heres one picture from last time we were over there...stoked to be back at this place.. paradise describes it well.

but the city has been awesome here lately.. amazing weather and the trails have been perfect. thank you to all the dudes out there busting their butts digging to have an amazing place to ride.
this is the hip at the bottom. formerly known as the widow maker and now taking on the name of "satans throne".. jump is so much fun. this is a pic i snapped of tom dugan getting some juice on it. picture kinda does the jump no justice.

pedal around town always feels so good

thank you austin for being so comfortable

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