Monday, January 17, 2011

sparkler bomb how to

this is step by step directions on how to blow your face off.

when the weather is shit, people start to get antsy and find alternate means of entertainment.. bombs made out of sparklers and tape are easy to make and entertaining to watch explode.

you need the correct sparklers to make it work. the right sparklers are the ones with the bamboo stick not the wire, and the ones that burn different colors not just the plain jane old school sparkler set up. these babies work awesome

next you need the correct tape.. this is extra important because any tape that has any kind of give. will make the bomb totally shitty.. the tape i found works best is the packaging tape that has the string in it. its impossible to tear so you need to cut it with scissors

i have seen sparkler bombs made out of 6 sparklers that sounded like an army tank was outside of your house and just shot a missle through your front door.. but a good amount to use is anywhere in the 20's.. tape them really tight with one sticking out of the center. make sure the top is taped up but not wrapped tight around the wick sparkler. might take a few tries to get the right amount of tape where its not too much or too little. but basically the finished product will look like this.

one time i made a sparkler bomb this same size and stuck it in an old refrigerator at my friend dans house and it blew the door off and blew the refrigerator into a circle.. heres a video of one of these babies in action.. 

go loose your head 

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