Tuesday, January 11, 2011

girls beds

first i suppose i should talk about the typical guys bed. (atleast mine and some friends that i have).. un-made, sheets that are kicked in a pile towards the foot of the bed that are going on a year of not washing them (and the only reason they ever got washed in the first place was because your ex- girlfriend couldnt handle the sandy feeling on her skin) , a crappy mattress laying on the floor. and pillows with mix matched pillow cases that you have to fold in half twice to make them 6 inches thick.

its no big secret.. a girls bed is the best thing in the world to lay in. They are usually made up nice before you jump in them and  have an overstock of the best pillows i have ever touched my face to, the softest sheets you can slide under and the fluffiest down blankets money can buy.

   its going to be 18 degrees out tonight and the bus is usually a few degrees colder inside of it. i havent slept in a girls bed in about 6 months  and everytime i go to get in my bed i cant help but think about those plush cloud-like beds girls take care of so well.. so this is a tribute to those amazing beds. you will always have a huge place in my heart <3

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