Thursday, December 9, 2010

thank you everyone

today was amazing.. corrigan and i rode bikes and skateboarded all day. concrete bowls,trails,mini ramps,box jumps. about to go to yoga in an hour which has been a normal couple days a week thing. the weekend is going to be in the 80's which is going to make for some great great swim sessions launching off the diving board at barton springs!

thank you to tom and bryce for helping make that cribs of the bus.. so much fun to make and i will look forward to watching it in the years to come and laughing.
  thank you to everyone at fbm for everything. and for posting some sweet pictures on the site from some awesome trips that the team went on ..good times great oldies!!
   thank you everyone who checks out the site.. over 1000 views today which is really weird
  thank you vic at circuit for everything ten times over and over again..


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