Wednesday, December 22, 2010

newsflash. jesus died for your sins!!

someone gave me this card at the skatepark the other day

the back reads...

"i know its something you may not like to think about,but i have a very important reason for wanting to remind you that; you are part of the ultimate statistic, 10 out of 10 people die. one day your heart will stop beating and you will be DEAD! the bible says that you will then be judged by the holy and righteous god, who created this universe,for every word, thought, and action in your life. will you be innocent or guilty? lets check the standard, the ten commandments. have you ever lied (even a little "white" lie)? have you ever stolen something (even something small)? than you are a lying thief. if youve lusted, than you have commited adultery in your heart. if youve hated someone, the bible says you are a MURDERER. you will be guilty and end up in HELL. god is absolutely perfect and he hates sin, but he sent his son, jesus christ, to die and take your punishment on the cross for you. he then rose from the grave-- defeating death. so repent today, trust the savior, and you will recieve everlasting life. read the bible daily and obey what you read."

i really cant ever get enough of this shit. i find the same amount of humor in reading this as i would watching a george carlin stand up comedy act. i wanna thank the person who gave me this card and i especially wanna thank jesus christ for dying for my sins. and remember kids, lifes not worth living unless your living in fear that you might not be perfect!


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