Tuesday, June 29, 2010

fbm gypsy caravan day three

slept on a vert ramp..woke up at 5am and was riding the park by 530..again i rode too much to remember to take any pictures while we were there.. so i snatched a few pics off of the FBM site that crandall took
tom blyth ramp shred

bob quirk junkfood style

adam ginch the man in a pinch

we had to be on the ferry by 11 so we hit the road and went to orient point to get on the ferry to go to new london.  BOAT PARTYYY!!!

arrived in new london and headed to groton skatepark..usually you get kicked out of that place...especially on a weekend..we got there at 1230 on a sunday and somehow managed to have the place to ourselves for hours with no troubles..

from groton it was straight to my town..its weird being on a road trip and spending time in the town you live in..chuck put together a kick ass barbecue for the whole team at the daily grind..good times and good food for everyone..garret was having a little too much fun singing into chicken legs. and crandall was getting nicks little brother siked on fbm the best way he knew how..be creepy

chuck and crandall got along great

slept at my house,had a BUS PARTY!! and everyone got to take showers.which was nice for a change..tom even got to blow dry his hair for 30 minutes so he was siked

day 4 tomorrow

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