Wednesday, June 9, 2010

relaxing..the key to happiness

came home the other day and couldnt find tito anywhere.. i walked out on to the front porch and he was just sitting there in a recliner passed out..him and my roommate Matt had just done a huge bike ride in the morning and now he was just soaking up the beautiful weather relaxing outside..more people should do that once in a while..why do we have that shitty old tv on our froont porch anyway?!?

my friend nick sent me the new issue of holeshot yesterday.. as usual its got some awesome stories in there.. i think a friend of nicks does this blog called "learn how to have fun".. i like to check it out from time to time to try and find out how to have fun.. but if its not on there i try and improvise by doing stuff like this ...weekly wiffle ball gamessssssssssss!

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