Tuesday, June 29, 2010

fbm gypsy caravan day two

woke up in new york city, met back up with tito and chris...everyone hung out in the driveway for hours.some people took showers..some people took pictures of people taking showers

after new york city, we drove to long island to ride the panamoka trails

i didnt take a single picture at panamoka because i rode from the minute we got there,until the minute we left..i didnt stop at all to take pictures..which im bummed about now but i was siked about it then . after we rode panamoka we went to a skatepark in greenport long island, they had a vert ramp and a dialed 6 foot spine mini. we camped out with the holeshot and the recycles team..everyone cooked some food gypsy style and slept all over the place. camping out with friends sleeping in random places and grilling food renegade style is something to appreciate.

another amazing day of riding and spending time with friends...filling the memory banks with good times and good stories to remember

day 3 later on!

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