Wednesday, June 30, 2010

fbm gypsy caravan day five

slept at the orchard under the stars.. had a nice litle fire and woke up pretty early..headed towards worcester and made at pit stop at the auburn full pipe..what a masterpiece that thing is

recycles actor/film star Kitt West and myself repelled into the pipe to check it out  up close and personal

nothing down there but a turtle and a dead beaver

the turtle was stuck down there and had no place to go so kitt and i started operation turtle rescue to get him outta the pipe..we made a cage for him out of my hat and our friend balls pulled him out..turtle was  so siked i bet he was jumping out of the water doing flips like a dolphin and shit. stoked turtle!

went to worcester to ride street and met up with lino and some of the other 90east dudes..rode some street and then rode greenhill skatepark and had a 2 hour fly out much fun.
started at one of my old favorite spots...all changed and a total let down

rode too much at greenhill..forgot to take ice cream from MMOOOOE  and headed to providence to meet up with the rest of the teams for the night..get awesome day 6 tomorrow

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