Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A couple days in Richmond (MONDAY)

When you are on the road, everything has a strange excitment to it.

I have been staying in Richmond for the past few days. The weather has been up and down since i have been here. Monday- rain, Tuesday - 50's, Today - Pouring, and tomorrow looks like sunny and 60's. Its made for an interesting few days.

I spent monday relaxing around on a rainy day. drinking coffee in the house. whats up with the big big bmx show??

my friend evan has a bike shop down stairs from the house and he was doing some remodeling, so i got in the way down there for a bit.

Check out WWW.RE-CYCLES.COM !!

I met up with my friend lindsey at a bar. she was with her friend having a drink. i sat around and watched their words start to slur. i was falling asleep and headed home. (sorry lindsey)

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