Monday, January 9, 2012

the road

after spending my last day in new england riding bikes with friends from 10 am to 2am, i was pedaling back to vics house by myself. I jumped over 3 christmas trees that people had tossed in the street for the trash man to pick up. The next morning i was on a bus with a very loose plan.

i was sleeping on the bus before it was out of providence. i woke up and we were driving through Harlem. The perfect start to a long adventure. The bus drops you off in Times Square. An overwhelming amount of people and taxi cabs. New York City.

I pedaled around for a bit, checking out the scenery. Met up with steve and grabbed some breakfast with  some people i didnt know. they were all awesome.

Jumped in the van and headed south to Richmond VA.

BMX foot rest.

after spending the last of my money on a plane ticket to austin, not getting on it, and not being able to get a refund, Im glad that it worked out this way. An un-planned journey with an unknown destination, lets you fill in the rest as it comes.

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