Monday, January 30, 2012

Adios Richmond

My last days in Richmond have been spent with all my friends. Riding bikes, and sitting outside all day and night. Got a few snap shots from the last few days here. Weather was dialed. wormz bought these shades with palm trees on them


 This is a true skaters bathroom. mag opened up to a page full of old school boards. if you could see out the window, you would see a bunch of dudes ripping the swimming pool in the yard. Crandall took a couple pictures while we were there. you can check them out HERE.

Stoked on this pic crandall snapped of me jumping over the death box. Thanks again pat for the good times. Your pool was one of the best things i have ever rode, its perfect. Lost bowl!

 Neil and mollie hanging out by the fire.
pump track.

Head out tomorrow morning from Richmond. After all the plans to fly to Austin. I got a one way to San Francisco to hang out with Jackson and do a little exploring of the Western coast. I packed my bike up in a little blue guitar bag Holiday let me use(Thank you, its dialed), got my skateboard, and got a backpack with some socks and my camping gear. Let the adventure begin.

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