Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Ocean

" The ocean is pretty crazy. Where else can you see so much vastness?" - Ruel Smith

There's not alot of places where you can see so much of nothing. Which is what makes the ocean so perfect. I wanna surf a wave that breaks away from the shore, so im looking at nothing. Maybe the reason people beep in traffic and rush to do everything, is because they dont spend enough time enjoying nothing. Does that make sense?


  1. if you have not already seen "endless summer" you should watch it, but in that movie, i think in south africa, they found a spot where the wave hits in this weird cove and then goes back out towards sea, they surfed it. Seemed pretty sweet

  2. Hell yeah man! i love that movie. i wanna go surf that wave!! what about those people that surf the wave off the ice bergs breaking off? when it crashes into the water it puts up a swell.. he only problem with that is, your near ice bergs and its freezing as fuck. maybe ill just try and find that one from endless summer....

  3. hahaha the ice berg would be pretty sweet for sure, but that water must be so damn cold, i think the best bet would be the one from endless summer...... either way they would both be pretty sweet