Monday, January 23, 2012

Bicycle riding

Evan told me that the mountain bike trail in Richmond that goes around the James river, wins awards all the time for "best urban mountain bike trails in the U.S." And i wouldnt doubt it because the trail is a blast to ride and beautiful. Evan has an extra mountain bike so we went for a morning bike ride a few days ago. We hit the big one and headed out. you have to pedal for less than a mile and over the river, to the head of the trail.

We took our time riding the trails. hitting fun hills, jumps, bridges and whatever else, multiple times. The trail goes through an old civil war bunker on the island. lots of old buildings. My camera battery died but i got a few pics of the good times.


  1. Bicycles are cool in any form, because what it comes down to is riding. Doesnt matter how, why, what kind of surface. The act of riding a bike is timeless and whether the people involved in bike riding know it or not, they all relate through a common bond, from bmxers to triathletes.

    1. That looks really awesome. I've never ridden in that area, but I've got a folding mountain bike, so at some point, I'll throw it in the trunk and come down and check out those trails.