Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I grew up riding dirtjumps. before i knew what bmx was, we were riding dirtjumps we built somewhere. My favorite thing about riding jumps, is that it hasnt changed since i started riding.
   The last thing i want to do is watch "Lil Stevie" muscle his way through a 1080 bunny hop or do a bunny hop truck driver with a paper bag on his head. Or watch Someone do a tailwhip barspin flair to caserole over a box jump. Dirt jumping has remained untouched by the bull shit, come up, internet influenced bmx. You see the same tricks from 20 years ago. The simplicity of someone doing a toboggan or a tire grab over a double, is still in tact. Or doing nothing but jumping a jump. In the woods no one cares what you can do. no one is impressed with the circus act. I cant tell you how many times i have seen someone do some crazy trick over a dirtjump and nobody acknowledges it, and then 10 seconds later someone hits the same jump and kicks out the back end with style and everyone gives him a yell. Trail riders are a different breed. They work hard for a place to ride. and that appreciation comes out in their riding.

i was able to snap this pic of steve riding on January 20th at the spot he digs with some friends. Thanks for the good times guys. the place is awesome

no foot cran cran photo

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